LISTEN Techniques

listen techniques

Today, would like to share with our parents some information about LISTEN techniques:

Lead by example
This refers to parents should say what they mean.  More often than not, children imitate their parents a lot.  If parents say one thing and do another, the child will be confused.  Then, how do you expect them to listen to you??

Instill right values
This refers to values like respect, mannerism and simple social ethics.  Again, children mirror how parents deal with other people.  By instilling the right values from young, children will be more willing to listen to you.

All children love story telling.  Through story telling, parents can teach them moral values.  This is one good and fun way to get their attention to listen to you.  While they enjoy the story, parents can also get their message across.

Talk in positive tone
Very often, parents will tell their children: “Don’t do this” or “You should not do that”.  How about using the positive tone like:  “It would be nice if you can . . . “ or “Mummy or daddy would happy if you can. . .”  Alternatively, using the questions to draw positive reply: “Wouldn’t it be great if you can . . .?” or “It would be fantastic if you can . . ., isn’t it right?”

Exert authority
There will be times when the child simply refuses to listen or throw tantrum. Then, that’s where parents can exert their authority.  However, do talk to him when he has quiet down,  If need be, explain the reason for your action. 

Note good behaviour
When your child does something good, do acknowledge and give praise.  Then, he will be encouraged to repeat the same behaviour.  Sometimes, action speaks louder – give him a pat or reward with gift if occasion merits it.

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