4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Enrolled In The Martial Arts


There are numerous reasons why you should look into getting your kid into the martial arts. Entire classes, schools and philosophies have been dedicated to the importance and practice of the martial arts. Born out of war and combat, today many martial arts can provide so much more than the mere knowledge of how to throw a punch or kick. Here are a couple of reasons why you should sign up your child to a martial arts school today.


The sad fact is that in countries around the world childhood obesity is on the rise. The adoption of a sedentary lifestyle as well as the rise and popularity of videogames and TV watching has led many children to become less active. Martial arts get the body moving. The curriculum of many martial arts includes a warm-up portion (which in itself is a considerable workout) before engaging in lessons of technique or philosophy.

Cardio is often used at the beginning of classes to warm up muscles, increase lung capacity and get the circulation going. Strength training is usually incorporated in the warm-up, but it is enforced in the techniques portion of the lesson. Throwing punches, kicking and even grappling require considerable strength and effort. Unconsciously, while performing these moves, your child will be building their strength and endurance.


Martial arts may seem like a chaotic mass of flailing limbs at first, but it requires a great deal of focus to pull off. Your child will develop the discipline necessary to learn and execute the lessons without injuring themselves or their training partners. At the end of the day, what instructors ask of their students is to learn some pretty complex and foreign concepts and apply them. Such learning requires a child to listen intently (a skill that seems to be diminishing at a rapid pace in today’s society full of distractions).


Contrary to popular belief, many martial arts were not actually developed to attack, but rather to defend. In this respect, learning a martial art is actually vital to many of today’s children. Bullying has been a growing concern for many parents as of late. Physical altercations are not unheard of and the last thing any parent wants to experience is to receive a phone call letting them know that their child fell prey to a bully. So why not give your child the opportunity and ability to remove themselves from harm and danger. Martial arts do not only teach offense. In fact, arts like Aikido and Jiu Jitsu were born out of the need to find a better way to defend.


Lastly, learning how to do flying kicks, punch combinations and grappling moves are just plain old fun. Many adults may turn their nose up at this fact, but ask your child and see if they would like it. Odds are that a big smile will start to grow on their face the moment you start mentioning it. And who knows, their enjoyment can become infectious and this can turn into a family affair.

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