Back Pain in Children: Red Flags to Watch out For

child back pain

For kids, the wait-and-see system isn’t advisable especially for back pain. Becoming a parent comes with all the joy in the world, but at times it is tough deciding when to make a call to the doctor’s office. What kind of pain means your kid needs immediate medical attention? Let us check out what are the common causes of back pain in kids and the signs that warrant immediate action.


Causes of Back Pain in Children

Back pain has been perceived to be a condition exclusive for adults, but of late it has been found that 3 out of 10 children are experiencing the same. What causes it? Some of the causes of this condition include disc herniation, whereby a lumbar disc gets misplaced. Another cause is stress fractures that occur due to impact to part of the body. Infection is also common, also tumors and spinal deformities.

These causes lead to pain and discomfort among the kids, which might interfere with most of the activities that they take part in. Let’s say your kid has approached you with a pain in the back, and is exhibiting symptoms of the same, when should you know when to pick your phone to call in a chiropractor and when should you look for an immediate remedy?


When to Worry About Back Pain in Kids


When the Pain is Diffuse and Not Localized

You need to know the exact location of the pain. The kid, if he is able to talk, will point at a particular spot on the back. Diffuse pain, which is characterized by the child experiencing pain over the whole back, is a sign that you need to see the doctor, fast.


The Younger the Age, The More Worried You Need to be

How old is the patient? Is he 10 years old or younger? The younger the kid, the more dangerous the symptoms. This is because the problem in this case gravitates towards an underlying pathologic abnormality.

You need to determine if the pain comes with paralysis, numbness and disruption of bladder or bowel function. These would point to a neurological impairment, which shouldn’t be taken lightly.


The Child isn’t “Himself”

Your kid has been active all his life, running around and doing all sorts of things that kids do. All of a sudden, he doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed, nor play like he should. When you ask he tells you that he has pain in his back that prevents him from doing his activities. This is a sure sign that the kid has a problem with the back that is preventing him from doing these activities. This is a red flag that should make you take action immediately.


Persisting Back Pain

When your kid develops pain in the back and you seek treatment for it, the kid ought to become better. If you have seen the doctor and the condition persists, you need to start getting worried. You need to schedule another meeting with the doctor to find out where the problem is.


Non-activity Related

If the pain comes when the kid isn’t doing anything, you need to get worried. The kid will be weak and unable to do anything, even walk. See the doctor immediately.


Final Words

You need to understand that kids also suffer from back pain. There are various causes of back pain in these little ones. Some of the major causes are impact during playing or infections, among others. Your reaction time determines what happens next, which requires that you understand when to take a step. Always watch out for the red flags that signify something more serious. When you notice these signs, seek medical help immediately.

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