Recommended Courses

Feel like there’s got to be a better way?

If you are experiencing challenges like disrespect, conflict and friction with your child and feel like there’s got to be a better way. Simple coaching can help you address problems like disrespect, entitlement, academic issues and much more. Her sensible approach will give you the skills to calmly and confidently address existing issues and prevent new ones as an effective parent.

There’s hope—enjoy happier families with less stress

Parents are having fun learning simple techniques to improve family relationships, gain respect and regained control over unruly situations. Many have seen changes after just one session with Kim. You will reduce stress and enjoy a new sense of calm where love and respect can thrive. Learn more about the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent class.

Busy? Frustrated? Need Help?

Have fun and learn skills to become an effective parent, improve relationships, reduce stress and get results!

Meeting the Four Critical Needs of Children

Learn what the four critical needs are for all children and why they impact a child’s social-emotional development, relationships with others and academic achievement. This could be the most important parenting class you ever take.

Three Tips Every Parent Should Know

Want less drama and more healthy control? Learn how to 1) neutralize an argument 2) help children to solve their problems using a simple 5-step process and 3) how to manage temper tantrums and disrespect without power struggles.

Parenting Style and It’s Impact

Learn if you are a “helicopter”, “Drill Sergeant” or “Consultant” parent and how your parenting style impacts your child’s behavior, their academic performance and your relationship with each other. Find out why you and your partner may not be on the same page when it comes to disciplining your children.

Setting and Enforcing Limits

Learn how to set and enforce limits with your children without yelling, arguing or just giving up. Maintain a healthy and positive relationships with compliance and share control. Learn easy skills to help you be more effective and consistent.

Homework, Grades, Chores & Motivation

Learn how to manage homework without tears and get your kids to own their grades and be motivated to do well. Learn why the sooner you let go of their problems, the better! Learn why chores are connected to academic success and work ethic.

Surviving the Teen Years

Learn what adolescence does to their brain (and yours and what four areas you need to have control over in order to reduce stress, improve your relationships and prepare them to launch successfully into the real world. Get back your confidence in the future.

Reducing Sibling Rivalry

Learn what is causing your children to fight with each other and how you might be contributing to the problem. Learn skills to reduce the arguing, fighting and stress in your household while improving the relationship between siblings and the relationship between you and each child.

Building the Five Components of Self-Esteem

Learn what the building blocks of self-esteem consist of and how we either encourage or discourage them in your children. Learn why early implementation is so important and how self-esteem impacts every area of our lives.

King/Queen of Your Castle

Learn how to take back control of the areas you need to as the parent of your children. Regain respect and effectiveness as a parent while reducing chaos and stress and improving relationships. It’s your castle—own it!

Managing Technology

Learn how to manage “screen time” in you household. Learn the connection between the amount of time children spend on screens and behavior issues. Get simple ideas for unplugging your children and reconnecting them with the family for meaningful time spent together.